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Factorio solar mod

By | 11.10.2020

Post by Mr. Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Factorio Forums www. Quick links. Looking for efficient setups? Stuck in a mission?

The problem is now to find a way to arrange everything. I like arrangements that are: - square on the edges - compact - tesselatable tesselible? Here's my first crack at this: thoughts? Re: 0. Lead to a nice, perfect tileable grid. With the new size, I will need to rethink my layout, but as long as you lean panel heavy, the same tactic of occasionally dropping a pure accumulator block should work nicely.

It's tougher than I thought it would be to get the setup be symmetrical and have the correct ratio Professional Curmudgeon since Tact wrote: Wow, never tried to figure out one of these templates for myself before.

I was trying to do a 4x4 substation setup Tact wrote: impetus maximus wrote: now we have 6x6 panels,and 9x9 accumulators that fit perfectly inside the sub stations.

Without the robo-port integration but two robo-ports in your power armor one is not enough as shownyou can comfortably walk next to the blueprint and all tiles will be reached. Replace one accumulator near the edge with a big pole and you can leave walking space for better building of the adjacent ones.

Cheers SolarFarmFac. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Here is what I came up with. For sure not optimal space use and also not hitting the ratio 0. Please go ahead and improve as you see fit!

The idea is that you can replace any 2x2 solar panel square with a 3x3 accumulator square. So from a mathematical point of view the first integer you can get from this division considering the 0. Now you can puzzle this together around a robo port Wouldn't work, I tried it. Well, eventually you get a kind of solution where you have to fit the power poles, too.

Last edited by paouk on Thu Jun 01, pm, edited 1 time in total. Because, you know, there's no such thing as too much power.In other languages:. Electricity has to be produced before it can be transferred to consumers over the electric system. There are multiple methods to produce electricity:. Each steam engine needs 0. One offshore pump can supply 20 boilers and 40 steam engines. The above ratio can be calculated from information available in-game: One boiler consumes 1. One steam engine consumes kW of energy stored in steam, so each boiler can supply 2 steam engines: 1.

This produces the ratio. The optimal ratio is 0. This means that you need 1. A "close enough" ratio is accumulators to solar panels to megawatts required for example, a factory requiring 10 MW can be approximately entirely powered, day and night, by accumulators and solar panels - this approximation differs from optimal only in that it calls for 20 extra solar panels, which is negligible but remember that the difference between the "close enough" ratio and the optimal ratio increases as you add more solar panels.

The optimal ratio of accumulators per solar panel relies on many values in the game. These include the power generation of a solar panel, the energy storage of an accumulator, the length of a dayand the length of a night.

There are also times between day and night called dusk and dawn which complicate the calculations. In vanilla factorio, without mods which change any of these values, the optimal ratio will be the same. This ratio is. If the player uses mods which change the power generation of solar panels, or the energy storage of accumulators, but not the length of days, a simplified version of this equation can be used.

This equation could also be used to remember the vanilla optimal ratio given its simplicity. In general, nuclear power is produced by the following production chain: Uranium ore is mined and processed to uranium and uraniumthen uranium fuel cells are created from the two.

These fuel cells are then burned in a nuclear reactor to create heat. The heat can be used to convert water to steam using a heat exchanger and the steam can be consumed by steam turbines to produce power.

A reactor without neighbor bonus needs 4 heat exchangers so that all its heat gets consumed. Try this checklist before you completely revamp your power source. See also the applied power math tutorial to answer the question how much coal do I need? From Official Factorio Wiki.

Jump to: navigationsearch. There are multiple methods to produce electricity: Contents.Factorio mods have been around almost as long as the game itself — and for good reason. While already an enormous and startlingly polished game, introducing the right mods into the fold will not only expand the game with tonnes of new features to discover and master, but also simultaneously improve the base game experience with dozens of quality of life improvements.

Keep reading for our list of the very best Factorio mods for 1. Factorio has been in Early Access sinceand playable for quite a while before that, too. In that time, a great many different kinds of mods have sprung up to help expand the game. Some of the mods below are complete game-changers, adding new systems and items and ores and enemies, while others are lightweight, non-game-changing quality of life improvements.

It is incredibly easy to install as many Factorio mods as your automation-fuelled heart desires.

Official Factorio Wiki

Many dozens of new items, ores, structures, and technologies must be discovered, crafted, and mastered in order to beat the game with these modpacks enabled. Kicking off the more lightweight quality of life mods, Bottleneck is one of the most popular Factorio mods out there, and has been since its inception.

As the name suggests, this mod exists to help you with bottlenecks in your factory, and this is does by placing lights in the corner of various structures such as mining drills and furnaces, so that you can see whether the structure is limited by its input red lightlimited by its output yellow lightor not limited by any bottleneck green light. I certainly never play a game of Factorio without this mod.

Even Distribution is another mod that I cannot do without. Even Distribution makes it so that dragging and dropping a resource over multiple containers splits the resource evenly between each container, rather than halving the amount with each new container.

Again — why is this not just a part of the base game?


Squeak Through slightly decreases the collision boxes of most structures, so that you, the player and, incidentally, Biters as wellcan move more easily between adjacent structures.

Taking the above screenshot as an example, the player would not be able to squeeze between those solar panels in a normal game — but with Squeak Through, they can. Speed Control introduces a new overlay into the top-left of the screen, which enables you to speed up or slow down the game at will. You can modify by hundredths, tenths, or even… oneths? EvoGUI offers players another top-left overlay, but this time it is designed to give players valuable insight into various normally-invisible statistics about their game.

For example, the pollution level where the player is currently standing, the current in-game time and the number of in-game days since you first crashlanded, and — perhaps most significantly — the current Biter evolution level. If you know enough about how Biters work, you can use this statistic to figure out exactly how prepared you need to be at any given moment, both for fighting off Biter attacks and for attacking nests.

Another very useful and lightweight tool that all Factorio players will find useful. Alien Biomes is a little bit more of a game-changing mod than most of the others on this list, greatly expanding the number of possible biomes in a Factorio world. There is also an addon mod which gives all the new biomes a high resolution makeover, to match the new high resolutions that Wube have been drip-feeding into Factorio.

Take a closer look at the new biomes by following the download links below. Long Reach is possibly the cheatiest mod on this list, but I love it all the same. Factorissimo2 is a fascinating and, again, slightly cheaty expansion on the base Factorio.

This mod allows you to construct and place warehouses which you can then enter, transporting you into a small pocket dimension where you can move around and build structures as normal. There are also slots for inputs and outputs, allowing you to feed belts in and out of the warehouses seamlessly. Finally, a minor but life-saving mod which solves one of the most subtly infuriating issues I have when driving around in my car in Factorio.

VehicleSnap allows you to snap the direction of your car to regular angles, making it far easier to travel directly north, south, east, or west. The mod also allows you to customise the number of angles that your car can snap to, giving you complete control over the influence VehicleSnap asserts over your questionable driving skills.

And there you have it: our picks for the very best Factorio mods out there. But if you still have some Factorio-related questions that need answering, you might want to take a look below at our other Factorio guides!

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Find more information here.Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Factorio Forums www. Quick links. Solar panels less of a no-brainer Place to discuss the game balance, recipes, health, enemies mining etc.

In short, when you discover solar energy, energy becomes a no-brainer : no pollution, no resource consumption, no upkeep, just some land is required. I've thought of two suggestions that, together, should maker solar panels a nice and useful addition but less easy to completely replace steam machines. First, decrease solar panel output depending on local pollution think of smog if you want a real-life inspiration.

This means that building solar panels near your base will be highly inefficient, though on the opposite this can also be viewed as an incitation to run a low-pollution factory. However, the counter seems obvious : build your solar panel farm far away from your base. Here comes the second part : make pylons an active target for alienssimilar to turrets and the like. This means that managing this kind of remote power supply will be very annoying since aliens will regularly disconnect it from your base.

So, if you want solar panels, you'll have to build them near your base, though they will be rather inefficient and likely require keeping some steam as backup and some surprises as your pollution grows if you try to rely only on solar panels. But what about remote mining outposts?

The 10 best Factorio mods for 1.0

Those will be hell to manage without pylons! Well, not if you precisely use local solar panels to supply those outposts: they would be ideal for that since they are very easy to place, there isn't as much pollution there compared to your base, you won't need to many of them to provide power to a few extractors and inserters and the outpost is mostly fine with some occasional power interruption unless you want to use laser turrets, of course, but that's why you have gun turrets.

So, solar panels would be less powerful to supply your main base, but gain an essential new purpose of decentralized power supply - incidentally also one of the most underrated to the public; companies are well aware of it usefulness of solar energy in real life.

Lines to mining outposts need to be defended where before they could be made reliable for example. Another solution is based on something from another discussion in How bright is this planet. Namely that solar panels produce a ludicrous amount of power. Likewise, in the same vein it takes surprisingly little area to power your base with solar panels. Certainly it needs quite a bit, but a base can be powered by a structure roughly it's own size, or smaller.

And, frankly, the amount of steam infrastructure needed for a similar power output is not much smaller. So, what could bring solar panels down to earth is if they were made to require land in vast quantities. We can easily keep material efficiency the same either by making solar panels come in runs of 10 which I would recommend or by cutting the costs by a fifth, to 1 steel, 1 copper and 3 circuits, and providing two solar panels per each run. This way to power your base you require a significant safe zone in which to put all those panels, we must be first cleared and then kept clear.

The greatest gulf that we must leap is the gulf between each other's assumptions and conceptions. To argue fairly, we must reach consensus on the meanings and values of basic principles. You are suggesting to introduce an annoyance as you say yourselfto discourage a playstyle you personally deem unbalanced. Yes, solar power is rather easy to handle.

It is, however, challenging to get there and to automate its production so you actually use it on a grand scale.Privacy Terms. Skip to content.

factorio solar mod

Factorio Forums www. Quick links. I was thinking about the energy model of factory, when i decided to look over the internet what people were actually doing.

I found a nice design from Cellidor on reddit. Using blueprint and roboports for solar panel farms is especially nice since it allow you to scale the energy production very fast to match the huge consumption that using productivity modules implies. Otherwise it's a lot more time invested in the building of those, and you spend much more time placing solar panels than doing anything else. Moreover, it allow your solar panel farm to be a safe way for drones. Space is generally not the rarest resource in factorio.

Without good reason at first, only a disturbing feeling. I decided to resolve the question of the ratio a bit more rationally. This is what i will explain below. Please tell me if i've done any error, i'm very interested in this. A list of forum topics discussing about this can be found on the wiki page for solar panels.

Let's say that our factory is using an average power P and that we want to power it only with solar panels and accumulators. The energy produced during a day by the solar panel is the sum of the power outputed on each game tick and can be computed as the area of the trapezoid described by the solar panel power curve, represented in red below.

factorio solar mod

This trapezoid has height P but its sides needs to be calculated. The accumulators starts to output power when the solar panels output falls below P. They can be computed from the capacity c of one accumulator and the power output o of one solar panel.

Some remarks about this result. This result only apply when solar energy is the only source of electricity production. Otherwise, other sources of electricity production will have the priority on accumulators. In this case, accumulator can provide a temporary increase in power when needed for instance for laser turret during an alien attack and their number is not calculated this way and generally much lower. During the night, the energy consumption is generally a bit higher since lights are turned on.

However, the power consumption from light is generally too small to change this result significantly. In general, we build more solar panel than needed to ensure that at any moment, we can provide all the required power.

However, I have assumed in my calculation that we had built the exact number of each structure necessary, not one more, not one less. However, the result is relevant in any case.

If you don't use this ratio, and if your needs of energy are growing, one of this two situation will eventually happen : either your ratio is below 1. We consider here an average power P needed. In general, there may be important variations of the power consumption. We can probably safely use the average power for the following reasons. If it's not enough, accumulators can probably fill the difference.

The variations of the consumption above and below P will be compensated by the accumulators which will charger slower or faster. This is the purpose of accumulatrs During the night, if there is a consumption pick, accumulators have a much higher maximum output power than what they are outputing on average, thus it's very unlikely there will be power shortage.

Exploitation of the result. A possible exploitation of this result is to define a building pattern for solar panel and accumulators in which the ratio is preserved. Thus, each time the pattern is built, the ratio stay the same. Here is an example of pattern.Privacy Terms.

Skip to content. Factorio Forums www. Quick links. I always have something which throws it off.

factorio solar mod

If nothing mod-related, it's laser turrets and biters following the advice of Lionel Richie. Instead of min-maxing material and spatial costs, my goal is to optimize around playability concerns: First, I hate the sound of accumulators so I have pushed them all into the middle of the build where they will be seen but not heard as much.

Second, I don't like having to predict the future. So my build leaves space for a train track with signals in-between the tiles, in both the vertical and horizontal directions, and even enough room well, not quite -- a small amount of futzing around with pieces is necessary for a train to turn a corner within my solar farm. And, chances are, I want a LOT of it, more than I could carry in my inventory and anyhow to big to stand around waiting for personal roboport-bots to get it done.

So my build greatly increases roboport density compared to, i. Here is a picture SolarBuild. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Between laser turrets and 30 MW of partial duty cycle factories, power use is quite spiky.

I read many different things like 25 solars on 21 accumulators. There will be a perfect ratio!? So in the end everyone wants to achive a different thing and therefore thers never the perfect ratio to find. Koub - Please consider English is not my native language. If there is variance, than you need to know what the greatest possible drain over the timespan from beginning of dusk to end of dawn is i. In practice, running a bit accumulator heavy would ensure that small amounts of variance won't leave you starving for energy in the morning.

Lack of solar panels, and your accus might not be filled enough to ensure no blackout next night. Lack of accus, and you might not have enough energy stored to prevent blackout. And have excess of both panels and accus to account for variability, but keeping the same ratio is OK. Tl52QiGA2k ". Last edited by creepercrack on Thu Jul 05, pm, edited 4 times in total.

Consider 3 types of light conditions: 1 A massive flare that generates all the daily energy in one burst, and is dark the rest of the time. It's also pretty clear that with a permanent steady flow of power you don't need ANY accumulators at all.In other languages:.

factorio solar mod

The Accumulator stores a limited amount of energy when available production exceeds demand, and releases it in the opposite case. The accumulator can store up to 5 MJ of energy. If connected to a circuit networkan accumulator will output its level of charge, as an integer from 0 toto a specified signal. Note that if throughput should not be limited, a power switch can be used instead.

Accumulators can be used to isolate two separate power networks, which has a number of uses. Since accumulators have a lower delivery priority than any other entity, this guarantees that they only receive energy when you have enough left over after powering all other entities in a network.

At the same time, accumulators can also be used to deliver energy in another electrical network, and can charge and discharge at the same time. Consider the following example:. The two power networks A and B are not directly connected to each other: They are connected only through the accumulators, which are shared by both networks. This is accomplished by setting up electric poles for each network connected to the accumulators, then ensuring the sets of poles are not connected to each other which can be done by crafting a copper wire then dragging it between two connected poles to sever the connection, exactly as is done for disconnecting circuit wires.

In particular, one good use for the above technique is to limit electricity consumption in low power situations by isolating non-critical parts of your factory such as RadarLabsElectric furnaceselectric minersBeaconsetc.

To do this, place your main generators and critical components on one network and place your non-critical components on another network, isolating the two as above. Now, two things will happen:. Because the accumulators will only receive power if you have a surplus on the main network, this will in effect deactivate the low-priority network when electricity is in short supply. This will also limit power consumption of the low priority network if its usage becomes high, for example if you have two factories on a low priority network and usually only one of them runs at a time, if both happen to run they won't consume more than the total limit, they'll just slow down.

Essentially you are saying "only deliver power to these systems if I have enough to spare, and even then don't exceed this delivery rate". In general this is a technique which works well when you've just researched accumulators and solar panels, but don't have enough resources to build big solar farms and accumulator farms yet. From Official Factorio Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Recipe Production items. Repair pack Blueprint Deconstruction planner Upgrade planner Blueprint book.

Burner mining drill Electric mining drill Offshore pump Pumpjack.

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